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What is our most popular panini?

No question, most days the Smoked Turkey winds up being the most popular panini at Beans in the Belfry.  Think of a Thanksgiving meal: plenty of smoked turkey covered with whole cranberry sauce, between layers of pepperjack cheese to offset the sweet, and honey-mustard sauce to keep it moist.  Put it on Tuscan farm bread and eat it right off the grill when the bread is crispy crunchy.  

But the other day, the Roma Panini way outsold the Turkey.  Just on that one day – go figure.  The Roma is a favorite when you don’t want meat that day:  freshly sliced mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil, covered with fresh basil and slices of ripe tomato.  The cheese melts between the  rustic farm bread and it’s a delight of Italian flavors. 

Thank you to Maria H. who took a photo of her Veggie panini last July – I just saw it on FOUR SQUARE and wanted to share it.  Notice the reflection of our chandelier on her plate. 

We have six kinds of panini all together – see our menu selection on our website or come in for lunch or dinner.  Pair your panini with a light white or red wine from Germany or France.   The Tuscan panini and Old Berlin panini probably want to be paired with a fresh malty or hoppy beer. 

What’s a panini?  Paninis are a great Italian culinary invention, although, similar to pizza, the Anglo-Saxon version is slightly different than what you would find in Italy these days.  Panini really means small rolls in Italian.  It’s also the name for the double-sided grill that is used to make the panini.  The best panini grills,  just like the best espresso machines,  are made in Italy and we have one of those.  But it’s the caring touch of our baristas Dan, Jesse, Morgan, newly arrived Jimmy and returning Ashley that make the paninis as good as they are;  and the recipes from Melanie’s creative kitchen, of course.

Enjoy and let us know how we are doing?  Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.