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Beans in the Belfry

122 West Potomac Street, Brunswick, MD 21716


Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm
Friday, 8am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 6pm

Brunswick Valentine – a bottle of wine, chocolate cake, sweet music

If you live in the Brunswick neighborhood, no need to drive for miles out of town to find a nice spot to treat your Valentine.  Come downtown to Beans in the Belfry, we have a cozy table waiting for you.  A bottle of Cabernet from nearby Sugarloaf Mountain, or a Merlot from the Mondavi winery in California, two glasses, a slice of the best triple chocolate cake or molten  lava cake with icecream, the warmth from our fireplace.  We’ll dim the lights.  Doc will be playing on the keyboard.  Then,  just a quick walk or 5 minute drive home.    An evening that creates memories.