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Beans in the Belfry

122 West Potomac Street, Brunswick, MD 21716


Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm
Friday, 8am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 6pm

Traditional English Tea Service by the fireplace at Beans in the Belfry

Not sure why but when it starts to get chilly out, our traditional proper English Tea Service by the fireplace becomes quite popular.  We Traditional English Tea Servicebrew 26 different kinds of tea, from black, to white, green, red, herbal, and blended, organic, artisan crafted, in silk pouches and loose leaf. 

Add three kinds of tea sandwiches, fruited scones baked on the premises and served with clotted cream and jam, sweets such as petits fours, cream puffs, shortbread and cake and you’ll have an English Tea Service every bit as nice as at the Ritz in London, just not as pricy and stuffy.  

Some of our vintage tea china and silver actually comes from England as well, such as Wedgewood and among our table linens there are embroidered and lacey heirlooms that look like out of the Antiques Show.   It’s a wonderful way to spend  a leisurely time with family and friends, and it’s for men as much as it  is for women. 

Co-owner Hanna spent a number of years in Oxford, England where she experienced first hand the art of tea drinking and has been back to London numerous times.  Proprietor Melanie has lived and studied in London, so you might say we are steeped in the culture of a proper English tea service and like to share this experience with friends and guests at Beans in the Belfry. 

We serve Traditional English Tea at Beans in the Belfry on Sundays between 3 and 6pm and on Wednesdays. 

Advance Reservations are required.  Please call us at  301 834  7178 or send an email to or through our website contact form.