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Tea News – award winning Ginger Peach iced tea now available in retail box to brew at home

The Ginger Peach iced tea was an award winner at the 2007 World Tea Expo and has increased its following ever since.  It is one of the most popular iced teas at Beans in the Belfry.  Now, we have it available also for our customers to purchase in four half-gallon tea pouches to brew at home.  Wow Iced tea at Beans by FNPyour guests at your patio or picnic parties with an iced tea that combines the best of spicy and sweet.  It is artisan crafted by Mighty Leaf of California by taking a smooth black tea from India and enhancing it with hints of ginger, spice and peaches to yield a full flavored refreshing beverage.

Each tea pouch of Ginger Peach iced tea contains loose whole tea leaves from India, and pieces of delicate ginger, sun-swelled peaches and spices held together in a silk pouch.  The products are all-natural and infuse a blissfully refreshing and lightly sweet tea with a golden hue – you may not even want to add sweeteners.  Add 32oz of boiling Ginger_Peach_Iced_Tea_Half_Gallon.a.zoom (1)water to a pouch in a half gallon pitcher, steep for 4 – 5 minutes.  Remove pouch and add ice to make 64oz of tea.  Pour over ice in a glass and enjoy.

Look for the attractive gift box on our shelves.  It is priced at $6.99 and makes four half-gallon pitchers or 32 16oz glasses of refreshing healthy tea.

This spring we are also debuting a new Mighty Leaf artisan tea that is delicious hot as well as iced:  the Cherry Lemon Green Tea.  It is crafted from whole leaf green tea, natural cherry ingredients and lemon peel to create an invigorating smooth and refreshing green tea.  Serve it iced on a hot summer’s day to refresh with its vivacious streak of natural cherry flavor and zesty lemon.  Cherry_Lemon_Tea_Pouches.a.zoom (1)