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Snow storm leads to floor refinishing – Reopen Thursday, Jan 23, at 5pm

Oh, how we hate to not be open for business – but being snowed in on Tuesday brought the opportunity to refinish our 100 year-old wood floors while inconveniencing the fewest people.  And so we did…..

Mel uses snow day to refinish beautiful wood floors

Melanie and helpers lovingly cleared our main floor,  cleaned, sanded and coated.  8 to 12 hours between coats, light sanding, and the third layer is going down Wednesday past midnight.  We’ll give it till 2pm to fully dry, then put back the furniture.

SO WE’LL OPEN AGAIN AT 5PM THURSDAY, JANUARY 23.  Thank you for your understanding.


Just think how many footsteps since 1908, weddings, baptisms, just regular days,we don’t know, nothing but pigeons for a while, workers, painters, kids, Cafe-goers, baristas, musicians, bicyclists, telecommuters, first dates, and many more to come.  Our wood floors have been restored for another 10 years of extraordinary life and many more happy footsteps.

ClearSpring Thursday Flyer



Enjoy Thursday evening with us to the tunes of the ClearSpring bluegrass band frpm 7pm to 9pm.  We have great eats, finest espresso drinks, and $1 off beer and wine for the evening when ClearSpring band livens up the evening with great musicianship, tight harmonies, and relaxed banter from the stage.