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We share Gluehwein recipe and spices as Bonus Gifts today, December 11

The cold weather makes Gluehwein, a hot sweet spiced red wine, a welcome drink that warms you to the core.

We make it every year when it starts to get cold, early in December and throughout the winter months.  Our family recipe is not a secret because we would like you to make it in your home around the holidays and to drink after a brisk winter walk or after tumbling around in the snow.

 servingsWe share our family recipe and a pouch of the right spices for two servings as a free Bonus Gift today, December 11, when you purchase two glasses of Gluehwein at the Cafe.

We are open from 8am to 7pm today.

Gluehwein means Christmas markets, caroling, coming in the house from sledding and building snowmen, even if not for real, then in your imagination. 

Visit us today in our cozy holiday decorated Cafe for some Gluehwein!