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Sept-Oberfest brews – new and old world taste

When Flying Dog Brewery brought us their Dogtoberfest to taste, the full bodied, toasted caramel sweetness of this German style Maerzen surprised us. It’s artisan brewed with 100% imported

Dogtoberfest beer from Flying Dog Brewery

German ingredients and the cartoon on the bottle is as much fun as the refreshing brew reminiscent of the “Wiesn” in Munich. 7.7 million liters of beer were consumed there during the 16 day Oktoberfest in 2013. Dogtoberfest pairs well with our Smoked Turkey and Roast Beef Paninis, Chili, and even a brownie! This seasonal beer is available @beansbelfry in September and October while their limited supplies last.

Our imported German beer, St. Pauli Girl, on the other hand, is brewed year round.  Her name, “St. Pauli” comes from the ancient St. Paul’s Monastery on which the original St. Pauli Brewery was built near Bremen in the North of Germany in the 17th Century. St. Pauli Girl is brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516 whereby the Bavarian Duke Wilhem IV created a common ground for “how beer is to be brewed …”.  “In particular we wish that from now on, in all towns, markets

St Pauli Girl Lager

St Pauli Girl Lager

and villages, nothing more is used for beer than barley malt, hops and water alone.”

We serve the Lager version, a deep golden brew, which satisfies with a distinctive full-bodied taste and “hoppy” aroma.  The barley was grown in the south of England, the water once flowed in the “Rotenburger Rinne,” and the hops is harvested in the famous “Hallertau Hop Gardens” in southern Germany.  It goes down well with any panini or other sandwich @beansbelfry.

Zum Wohl!