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Secret affectionlattees admirers

O.K., I know you’ve never “Seen it all” and you always want to be “Open to a new experience” Yea and guys need to listen to “Their softer side. And –had enough clichés?

Coffee Cup Necktie

Coffee Cup Necktie

I got a gift but not just a gift, a gift from a secret admirer and not just a secret admirer but TWO secret admirers who are “Loyal java affectionlattees” (sic).

It’s a really neat coffee cup necktie and how did they find out that blue is my favorite color?

And they say I’m a “Coffee connoisseur”! WOW! I mean blow me away!

Uhhm!  That is to say- – We appreciate this very kind mark of the esteem of our loyal subjects / the distinguished gentlemen / the emissary from . . . /The representatives of. . . /Y’all / Hey dudes

How do I address these guys and, yes, I think it is guys since my lady admirers use perfumed stationary.(Don’t tell Hanna)

I don’t know who they are but you have to be something of a sleuth when running- (or even “walking”) a coffee shop. So I’ll figure it out.

The envelope has postage stamps but it couldn’t have come through the mail – no zip numbers! (Just call me Sherlock)

It is sent to “The most eclectic coffee house and meeting place on the East Coast. . ., well they got that right!

They use the coffee drinkers rating system

necktie envelopeSee for yourself, Four coffee pots and a West Virginia Tornado. Eat your heart out Starbucks! 

For the benefit of those unfortunates who exist in the bleak, shadowy, demi world of the uncaffeinated, the scale goes like this


Coffee House Rating System

1 coffee pot – instant coffee made with hot (?) water from the tap.

2 coffee pots- brewed and in a cup (only slightly chipped and recently washed)

3 coffee pots- shade grown beans artisanal roast

4 coffee pots – gourmet coffee freshly prepared and served as you like it with organic lightener, choice of 7 sweeteners plus finishing spices.

4 coffee pots AND a W.Va twister- Beans in the Belfry (The Ritz only dreams of this level!)

Next clue: Clearly they have excellent taste in neckwear and know that I am discerning about what I wear.

Oh, ENOUGH! All this thinking is wearing me out! I’m going to have a cup of coffee and a one of Mel’s Molasses cookies. (She just made them and you have GOT to try one! Admire my new tie and I’ll get you a sample.

You can check out the clues including the tie in the attached photo or better yet come in for Brunch. I’ll have the tie on this Sunday and perhaps next week too if my wife doesn’t make a sash of it or one of the girls doesn’t expropriate it for a fashion emergency.

Did I ever tell you the story of Yvonne’s leggings?