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Mead is a Holiday Drink – especially our Archer

Mead has its origin in the “old country” and can be quite potent.

So we serve you a complimentary platter of Hummus and Pita Bread as our Bonus Gift today, December 13, when you purchase two glasses of mead, one for you, one for your friend.

Our flavors include Castilian Vanilla, local White Peaches, Hunter and Archer. The Hunter mead has a little kick to it from chili peppers, and the Archer is our “Holiday Mead” made with cloves, cinnamon and juniper. That one is even more amazing when we warm it a bit for you during the holidays, while it is usually served chilled. It brings out the flavors and aromas and warms you – a treat for all senses.

Please shop local during this Time of Giving, it gives back to the community.

Happy Holidays!