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Hello Love Birds, it’s Valentines’ week

It’s Valentines’ week and time to think red, pink or chocolate.

Celebrate your spouse, friends and yourself by adding a glass of red wine or a rosé to your meal.  It enhances the flavors of your panini or quiche and accelerates your enjoyment of the food and of each other.  

Our reds are caringly selected to please your palates:  

the Malbec is a 2019 vintage from the Mendoza region of Argentina and always elegant; 

our 2018 Pinot Noir from the CK Mondavi vineyard is silky and fruity paired with food or by itself.

We just added a new red Zinfandel to our wine list that is full bodied with ripe fruit flavors and will not disappoint. 

If you would like to go with a Rosé, we have selected a 2018 Bordeaux from Baron Philippe de Rothschild’s cellars in the Chateaux Mouton Cadet.  It pairs well with our Quiche and Crab Dip and livens up their delicate flavors.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention our delicious prosecco:  the personal serving comes from Salmon Creek, California and our full bottle is named LaLuna and was grown and bottled in Italy.  

Splurge and enjoy on Valentines Day and always!