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So Say It! Slamming in the Belfry 4th annual poetry slam April 18, 7 to 10pm

Wayne Drosynski is the Brunswick champion of Slam Poetry and will bring together slam poets and audience on April 18 at Beans in the Belfry. This is what Wayne has to say – yes So Say It!

“It’s hard to believe Slam Poetry was 30 years old in November. It’s hard to believe that Poetry in our culture had been locked for so long into writing that Spoken Word Poetry got its
own name and, at the Get Me High Lounge in Chicago in 1984, seemed radical to the point
of derision by “the Academy.” Derision in spite of the fact that every technique and device
available to written is also available to Spoken Word Poetry, and then some. Derision in
spite of its clear majority throughout history and across geography. And derision in spite of
Shakespeare, who was, if anything, a Spoken Word Poet who appealed to crowds much like
this one. Crowds who would have headed for the doors at the first sign the entertainment
might deteriorate into a “poetry reading.

Here are your poets for this evening. We guarantee them to be regular people all:
Poem A. Ellis Burruss It’s Not You
Poem B. Wayne Drozynski Moonwalking to Altoona
Poem C. Laura Dvorak Borderline
Poem D. Mickie Kennedy Gumbo
Poem E. Paul Headrick Ode to an Old Friend and His Record Collection On His Sixtieth Birthday
Poem F. Wanda Remington The Two Fridas
Poem G. Will Tisdale A Man Untitled


Poem H. John Flannery Imagine a Man in Pain
Poem I. Rowan Lover
Poem J. Ian Siegel Goliath
Poem K. Bill Derge A Modest Proposal to Rename The Renaissance Fair
Poem L. Jerry Cayford Dear Friend
Poem M. Kiki Wilson Random Ramblings of a 23 year old almost successful failure

A huge thank you to our Mistress of Ceremonies, Caroline Goell!

Vote for your 3 favorite poems in order of preference.
Vote using the Letters A-M shown with the poems above.
Put the Letter of your favorite poem in the first box, the letter of your second favorite in the
second box and the letter of your third favorite in the last box.
Please do not put the same letter in more than one box.
Thanks for Joining us!