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Home made quiche and a glass of wine

Quiche and Wine

The word ‘quiche’ comes from the German ‘Kuchen’ (cake) which the French mispronounced as quiche, a tasty egg dish in a pastry crust with a variety of cheeses, bacon, veggies, herbs and so on.  At Beans in the Belfry Melanie bakes our quiche using fresh local ingredients whenever available.

Drink a glass of wine with it and the two together bring out something new in either the food or the wine that wasn’t present before.  Do the tannins in our red French Beaujolais make you notice the bacon more, while the white German Riesling emphasizes the aroma of the cheese variety?  Each experience is your own and varies. 

Ask for our Special Quiche and Wine Offer at Beans in the Belfry and make believe you just came in from in the breeze of the summer Mistral blowing down the Rhone Valley of Southern France, sitting in a quaint café, butter your warm baguette, take a fork full of quiche and salad.  Are the people around you are speaking French or German?  Yumm!

$9.95 for quiche of your choice with a glass of French Beaujolais,

$8.95 for quiche of your choice with a glass of German Riesling.