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Good bye California, hello Italy

After enjoying the popular CK Mondavi Zinfandel from among our wine list selection  for several years, that particular red wine will no longer be available from the winery. 

So we set our sights on a Zinfandel created in the hot Mediterranean climate  of Italy where the Primitivo grapes ripen in persistent sunshine and gentle sea breezes. 

We chose the Red Fire Old Vine Zinfandel which is vinted in the Puglia region of Italy where olives and wine grapes are the main harvest.

This wine gives us a full bodied experience, smooth, fruity, and with notes of berries and cherries. 

So  please request a glass of Red Fire Old Vine Zinfandel next time you order at Beans in the Belfry.   Enjoy it paired with our hearty soups, spicy chili, and Tuscan panini. 

Let us know how you like it.