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Gluehwein and Mead Bonus Gifts for the rest of the year!

Enjoy the last days of 2020 with a glass of Gluehwein or a glass of flavored mead.

Gluehwein is the sweet hot spiced wine you get at European Christmas Markets and as an apres-ski drink when you come in from the ski slopes.  It warms you up all over and gives you a happy feeling.  Get one for yourself and one for your friend and we’ll give you a Gluehwein spice packet and the recipe free as our Bonus Gift so you can make yourself a glass at home.  

Have you ever tasted mead?  It is a sweet honey wine flavored with natural additives such as white peaches, or chili peppers, or Madagascar Vanilla.  Around the time of the winter solstice with recommend the Archer mead.  It has a holiday flavor of cloves, cinnamon and juniper.  Have a glass of any mead and get one for  your friend and we’ll serve you a hummus and pita bread platter free of charge as our Bonus Gift of the day.

What will the New Year bring?  The events are unpredictable, but you are in charge of yourself and how you respond.