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Egg Tapping Contests during Easter Sunday Jazz Brunch, March 27

We are so lucky that Christiana Drapkin, celebrated jazz vocalist, and Mike Gellar will be our jazz Mike Gellar and Christiana from CD coverperformers on Easter Sunday.  Christiana will be the perfect host for our Easter Egg Tapping Contest.

Easter lanterns, kids baking gadgets, candy and chocolates.

Easter lanterns, kids baking gadgets, candy and chocolates.

She remembers her Oma, German nickname for her grandmother, calling hard boiled Easter eggs Blue Policemen and reading stories with her about Eier-Spicken, egg tapping, in Ehm Welk’s “Die Heiden Von Kummerow.”  Christiana’s husband, Bob, remembers playing egg tapping when he grew up in Baltimore and he used to cheat at it.

No cheating on Sunday at Beans though!  There will be colored hard boiled eggs on every table and at Christiana’s word “GO”, you pick up an egg and hit the other player’s egg with your own.  There are two ends to each egg, so keep on going and the winner will be the holder of the last intact egg.  The losers get to eat their egg and the winners will take their colored egg home and repeat the game at their dinner table.

Egg Tapping was a traditional game in the North of England where the annual egg jarping world championship is held every year over Easter in Peterlee Cricket Club.  It is also practiced in Italy where it is calledEaster at Beans Scuccetta, as well as in Eastern Europe and parts of the French speaking Middle East.  In parts of Austria, Bavaria and German-speaking Switzerland it is called Ostereiertitschen or Eierpecken, and in Greece it is known as tsougrisma!

In South Louisiana this practice is called Pocking Eggs and is slightly different.  The Louisiana Creoles hold that the winner eats the eggs of the losers in each round.

You may, but don’t have to, eat your colored egg at Beans in the Belfry on Easter Sunday, winner or loser.  Maybe you already had Eggs Benedict for your Brunch so enough eggs already!

We’ll have fun though and no doubt Christiana and Mike will come up with some Easter themed jazz tunes.    Sunday Jazz Brunch is from 11am to 2pm (every Sunday).  Go ahead and call us if you would like to reserve a specific table:  301 834 7178.