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CK Mondavi Merlot and Pino Grigio rated Gold Medal with scores of 90-91 points. Enjoy them here at Beans.

We heard from the Mondavi family that they entered five wines from the Charles Krug (CK) label into

CK Mondavi new logo, 100% made in USA

CK Mondavi new logo, 100% made in USA

the Critic’s Challenge International Wine Competition, the one directed by Robert Whitley, in San Diego,

CA in June 2015.  Four wines rated Gold Medal with scores of 90-91 points!


At Beans in the Belfry we serve two of these wines, plus the red Zinfandel which was not entered:

  • 2013 CK Mondavi Merlot – 91 pts, Critics Gold (note: Barefoot Merlot rated 88/Silver, Rex Goliath Merlot rated 87/Silver, Fetzer rated 87/Silver)
  • 2014 CK Mondavi Pinot Grigio – 90 points, Critics Gold (no competitive Pinot Grigios were rated)
CK Mondavi Merlot Gold Medal Winner

CK Mondavi Merlot Gold Medal Winner

These are incredible, quality-validating accolades for the Merlot, Wildcreek Canyon, and Pinot Grigio, Willow Springs, and for the Merlot there is head-to-head evidence showing the quality advantage of the CK Mondavi products.


What does CK Mondavi stand for?  A lot of people don’t know that this brand is founded by the brother of Robert Mondavi, who makes Woodbridge wine.  So, the story goes, the brothers moved out to California and made their name and reputation growing, and producing high quality wine.  Robert Mondavi decided he wanted to focus more on making wine in large quantity, thus driving down the price to make it affordable and accessible to all people.  Peter Mondavi disagreed with this idea and wanted to make sure his product was of the utmost quality!!!


The brothers got in a HUGE fight, even a physical altercation, and never spoke again.

CK Mondavi Pino Grigio Gold Medal Winner

CK Mondavi Pino Grigio Gold Medal Winner

Mind you, they are Italian!!!  Peter Mondavi bought out Charles Krug vineyard, an already successful winery known for high quality output.  He spent years perfecting his craft, and eventually he was able to produce that same standard of quality, AND achieve affordability in price!!!!  The result: CK (Charles Krug) Mondavi.


What sets CK Mondavi wines apart?

It is a 70 year commitment to creating high quality, American grown and produced wines of exceptional value. The CK Mondavi family winery, established in 1943, has been creating fine wines for four generations and has a passionate commitment to quality winemaking.

A glass of wine enhances your experience of food flavors

A glass of wine enhances your experience of food flavors

The Mondavis say:  We harvest grapes at their peak of ripeness from prime California vineyards, including our family-owned vineyards, creating wines with fully developed flavors. We are completely committed to producing wines we can be proud of by employing strict wine making techniques.


CK Mondavi wines are 100% Made in USA Certified and sustainable


On September 1st 2014 CK Mondavi proudly announced that their wines are the first and only wines to

CK Mondavi Red Zinfandel

CK Mondavi Red Zinfandel

be 100% Made in USA Certified. It was a vision that was important to Cesare and Rosa Mondavi over 70 years ago. Today, as the fourth generation moves into the family business, the vision to support the community and this great country continue.

Grapes are crushed, blended and bottled at the family-owned  winemaking facility located in St. Helena, CA in the Napa Valley.  Marc Mondavi works closely with his head winemaker of 29+ years, John Moynier.  100% of the grapes are grown in America, in California to be more precise.  The bottle glass, labels and shippers are 100% domestically sourced.  In other words, CK Mondavi produces and bottles 100% of their wine in America – this means that it is sustainable and supports American agriculture, manufacturing and American jobs!

We invite you to savor a glass of CK Mondavi Merlot, Zinfandel or Pino Grigio at Beans in the Belfry for any occasion and you can be assured that you are drinking Gold Medal quality

A slice of home made Spinach quiche and a glass of white wine

A slice of home made Spinach quiche and a glass of white wine

wines.  Notice how the flavor changes as you consume a variety of foods with you wine.  It can taste more fruity and more or less acidic depending on the food you pair it with.  Wine also changes the flavor of the food you eat, making it more vibrant and intense as acidity and tannins interact with salt, fat or sugar.


Please write to us with your comments about your experience with our wine and beer selections.


Slante, Prosit, Sante, Skoal!!!