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Beans in the Belfry

122 West Potomac Street, Brunswick, MD 21716


Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm
Friday, 8am to 9pm
Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 6pm


We open at 9am today, Monday, MLK Day!

Due to possibly snowy conditions we'll open an hour later today, at 9am, and will close at 4pm as usual. Our baristas make great steaming hot lattes, espressos and all day breakfast.  We look forward to seeing you today on a wintery outing to our historic...

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First Snow! We are Open!

Welcome to our first snowy day of the year.  We opened on time this morning at 8am thanks to our loyal baristas who mostly live locally, sometimes in walking distance.  Hot vanilla lattes and freshly made breakfast sandwiches on flaky croissants await you...

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Join us for New Year’s Day Brunch, 9am to 5pm

Happy New Year! Please join us for a leisurely New Year's Day Brunch from 9am to 5pm on Saturday, January 1st,  New Year's Day! Our Brunch Menu will be a la carte from our many selections, PLUS we'll be featuring Eggs Benedict, using cage free eggs poached just...

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Frossey the Snowman

Frossey the Snowman Hi, I’m Frossey, the Snow Man not Frosty; that’s my little brother the one who likes to “Dance around and run through the mid of town, not pausing a minute when the “traffic-cop” hollers “Stop!” I like to hang around Beans in the Belfry which is a...

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New Hours

Our new hours for next few weeks will be a bit shorter in the afternoon/evening. Monday    8am to 4pm Tuesday    8am to 4pm Wednesd  8am to 4pm Thursday  8am to 4pm Friday       8am to 6pm Saturday   8am to...

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