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Monday to Thursday, 8am to 4pm
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Beans is going tropical!

With the first sign of real spring, Beans is going all the way…. Beans is going TROPICAL!

Taste exotic sweet coconut macaroons from our bakeshop;  each is  a nugget of sheer delight.

Ask our barista to make you a latte with smooth flavorful coconut milk or organic almond milk for a new healthy experience.  And why not choose a banana smoothie or milkshake made from fresh ripe bananas.  We even have a Pina Colada smoothie!tropical scene with Beans

Instead of the usual coke or sprite, ask for an Italian soda flavored with one of our 30+ syrups (kosher, no high fructose corn syrup added) such as pomegranate, kiwi, combine macadamian nut from Hawaii with pineapple or mango flavors… there is no end to the tropical tastes you can create.

And while it is still chilly in April, enjoy an organic hot tea such as “Green Tea Tropical” made with green tea leaves and bits of tropical fruit or Rainforest Matte, a very aromatic infusion handcrafted by Mighty Leaf Tea.  Another popular hot drink is our Big Island Mocha which includes coconut flavor and macadamian nut flavor.

Thank you for your recent visit and we look forward to seeing you again soon.  Please check us out on or  for  upcoming live music events right in downtown Brunswick, just a few minutes away from your door steps.

Your friends at Beans in the Belfry, 122 W Potomac Street, 301 834 7178